CC Solutions Process & Attorney Services C. T. Corp next day $25.00 p/case - Same day $50.00 p/case


As you may have heard, the Los Angeles Superior Court civil division will be going online!

Our office will offer e-filings for your convenience, feel free to call / email with your questions.


The fees are per Case Search, plus research time. By Research we mean: Locate the file and or Case number (if not known), order copies, waiting for copies to be completed by the Clerk of the Court, and copies pick up (if copies cannot be completed at the time of the order).

All requests require payment upfront. No copies or filings will be completed without credit card information on file. These fees DO NOT INLUDE FILING FEES CHARGED BY THE COURT! - There is a 10% on ALL monies advanced to the court.

Court Searches and Document Retrieval Fees:

These charges are: p/Court/Case No./Name search |filing fee are not included

Superior / District Courts  

Los Angeles County * (plus filing fee)*STANLEY MOSK ONLY (central)*

Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura Counties * (plus filing fee) $64.00
 Research time-(time in line) (charges are p hour1 hr min/Locate file, doc order copies)                                       $35.00
All other Courts in California*(plus filing fee)      $78.00
*Same day filing must be received by:  12:30pm*
Recorders * (plus Recording fee)    $86.00
Special (Received after 3:00pm) $100.00
***pick up & Court filing fees are not included ***


Rush $35.00
All other copies $0.50/page
Certification Court Cost
Copies provided by the clerk of the court Court cost
Mailing $10.00+postage
 Copies (per page)


Money Advanced


All requests must have payment upfront (we accept all credit cards)

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